Features Of Academic Writing Every Student Must Know

Academic writing is a formal way of sharing knowledge related to a specific field. It may be in the form of a thesis, assignment or article. All form of academic writing demands specific requirements from the students. Most academic writings differ from each other based on structure. The thesis is the lengthiest form of writing. But, the length of the academic essay may vary from short to long. Still, in articles, the journal’s instructions are of prime focus.  No matter what you compose, the students should know the academic writing features. So, this article will explain some features of academic writing to save them from trouble.

The Formal Style Of Writing

The most important feature of academic writing is to adopt the formal style of writing. The student must avoid causality in academic writing. The writing style must be appropriate to the purpose as well as the context of the task. The sentence structure and word choice reflect the writing style. Following are features of the formal style of writing;

  1. In formal writing, the sentences must be polite.
  2. The students must not use the first and second personal pronouns in academic writing.
  3. The bookish style of writing is preferable in formal/academic writing style.
  4. In this writing style, you can use difficult as well as positive Vocabulary. 
  5. In academic writing, the writer needs to avoid over-generalisation.

Three Laws Of Academic Writing

Apart from formality concerns, the students must know about the three laws of academic writing. These laws include;

  1. Prepare Rigorously
  2. Proofread Ruthlessly
  3.  Format Rigorously

The first law deals with the academic writing planning process. It tells students to work from all aspects before starting writing. It suggests that academic writing demands profound research. The second law describes the post-writing suggestion. According to this, proofreading is essential for all academic writing processes. It asks students that they should read their work with full attention. The last law explains the importance of formatting in academic writing. Hence, after following the formal writing style, the students must consider these three laws.

Planning Techniques

The success of academic writing depends on its planning. For planning an academic task, the students must follow these things;

The first thing in the planning process is understanding the key terms. The key terms help you to identify the keywords. The strong keywords will help students to lay the foundation of well-structured research. A well- structure research increases the quality of your academic writing piece.

Formatting Features

In all academic writing as well as science fair projects, follow one or the other formatting guides. There are certain sets of rules under the formatting guidelines. So the reader must know what does following things means;

  1. APA formatting style
  2. MLA formatting style
  3. Harvard formatting style
  4. Chicago formatting style
  5. CMS formatting style

Each type of formatting style has its own rules. So, the students must know the importance of each formatting style. Yet, in other content writings, the knowledge of the formatting style is not as important in academic writing.


Like in all other forms, academic writing also demands coherency. Coherency is a feature that aims for the ease of the reader. Abrupt changes in the content often confuse the readers. So, all writing guidelines discuss coherency as the most important feature of content writing. In other words, the students must use transitional words/ sentences in academic writing. These transitional words help students to link different paragraphs. Further, within paragraphs, these sentences help maintain coherency among different ideas.

Reliability and Validity

In academic writing, the tutors always remain conscious about the reliability of the information. In addition, the validity of research is also well-noted.  So the students should know that every sentence in academic writing must have strong evidence. Besides this, other important features of academic writing include;

  1. Objectivity
  2. Originality
  3.  Actuality
  4. Responsibility

Hence, the above features of academic writing aiming to answer all problems students may face. So every student must go through each feature before starting any academic writing piece.

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